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About ISH

The International Society for Hypnosis is the world headquarters for researchers and clinicians interested in hypnosis. ISH serves as the umbrella and meeting place for its members and 34 (still growing) Constituent Societies from around the world. Since 1973, ISH has regularly held triennial congresses and will host its 21st in Montreal in 2018. ISH traces its roots to the first International Congress for Experimental and Therapeutic Hypnotism held in Paris in 1889 and is proud of its deep connections to such luminaries as Jean-Martin Charcot, Pierre Janet, Sigmund Freud, and Ernest Hilgard. Joining ISH provides many benefits. Perhaps the most important is enjoying the connection with other like-minded colleagues and discovering the support and intellectual stimulation of the hypnosis community. Newsletters, discounted journal rates, access to training and conference events and a video library are among the many attractions of membership. Please explore our website. You can direct your questions and comments to: