Building Bridges of Understanding


Awards Committee
Chair: Camillo Loriedo

Congress Committee: Montreal 2018
Chair: Claude Virot

Congress Bidding Committee
Chair: Franck Garden-Brèche

Credentials Committee
Co-chairs: Bernhard Trenkle, Susanna Carolusson, David Wark

Education and Training Committee
Co-chairs: Consuelo Casula, Enayatollah Shahidi

Ethics Committee
Co-chairs: Consuelo Casula, Franck Garden-Brèche

Financial Committee
Chair: Mark Jensen

History Committee
Chair: Éva Bányai

Membership Committee
Chair: Bernhard Trenkle

Newsletter Committee
Chair: Katalin Varga

Nomination and Elections Committee
Chair: Julie Linden

Policy and Procedures Committee
Co-chairs: Brian Allen, Julie Linden

Publications Committee
Chair: Nicole Ruysschaert

Research Committee
Chair: Mark Jensen and Giuseppe DeBenedittis

Website Committee
Co-chairs: Julie Linden, Nicole Ruysschaert