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Offer for Students

ISH is offering free non-voting membership to master level and above students in Dentistry, Medicine and Psychology while they are full time students. Students must either be members of a constituent society of ISH or submit a recommendation from an ISH member. The free membership is offered as an incentive to students to learn about ISH and to be connected to the worldwide hypnosis community, and does not give the right to practice clinical hypnosis.

This free membership allows students to receive reduced fees for the ISH World Congresses as well as other member benefits such as the newsletter, membership directory and video library. Interested students may also purchase a one-year online access to the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) at the cost of $35.

Once the graduate studies are completed, the ISH invites these former students to apply for membership in the ISH with the full benefits of membership.

Please visit the following link to submit your online application.