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Requirements to Host an ISH Congress

We Invite You to Submit a Bid to Host the
XXI Triennial Congress in 2021

Mission of ISH 
The most important educational and scientific event for ISH is the triennial ISH Congress. It is a place for the gathering of members, a time to update our clinical and scientific information, to teach and to learn. It is also an important revenue source for ISH.

It is the intention of the ISH Board of Directors (BOD) to vote on the bidders at the congress 6 years prior to the proposed triennial congress. When that is not possible, the Board will make its decision at least one year prior to the next organized congress, so that the proposed congress may be announced and advertised at the Congress already in progress.

ISH invites Constituent Societies (CS) to bid to host an ISH congress. The bidding CS must be current in its dues payment. The arrangements that a CS makes for the management of the conference vary, and are subject to approval by the ISH BOD. The congress organizers, on behalf of the CS, will have full responsibility for planning all aspects of the congress in collaboration with the Officers of ISH. At all times the congress is a joint project of the ISH and the CS or its representative (such as a management firm). Involvement of members of the ISH BOD on the Congress Organizing Committee is evidence of the joint nature of the Congress organization.

If a Constituent Society is interested in arranging the conference, please read the guidelines below. Bids will be accepted through June, 2014, and an ISH Board of Directors’ decision made by Ocotber, 2014. This provides enough time to market the 2018 Congress during the 2015 Paris Congress. The ISH Board of Directors is available to discuss any questions a bidder may have.


A Constituent Society interested in arranging a Triennial Congress must follow certain procedures, outlined below. This list is not exhaustive as it is the policy of ISH to respond to the special needs of each country that may apply.

Societies interested in hosting the Triennial ISH Congress in (year) should indicate their intention to bid to the central office. Bids are requested at least 4 years prior to a congress, and when possible 6 years prior, so that they can be presented and discussed during a triennial congress when the Board of Directors are meeting. (This allows for marketing of the congress to be done at the congress immediately preceding the one for which the Constituent Society is bidding.)

A written and verbal presentation is then made to the BOD of ISH. This must include the financial resources of the CS, an outline of the administrative structures, discussion of cost for travel and hotels for attendees and fees for the congress meeting, as well as ideas about a social program.

The ISH requests submission of a realistic budget for the congress, predicting what expenses might be expected for early discussion purposes.

  1. All expenses for the congress are the responsibility of the hosting congress. The hosting CS guarantees a payment to ISH of $20,000USD, regardless of the income or attendance of a congress. This must appear as an expense line item to insure that the hosting congress does not declare as expenses the entire gross income thus leaving ISH without any shared surplus because there is none.
  2. Any surplus (defined as the difference between gross income and gross expenses) generated by the Congress (after the $20,000 ISH payment) has been distributed between the CS and ISH as follows:   50/50 between $1 and $50,000; and 60/40 in favor of the CS for amounts in excess of $50,000. Other arrangements will be considered.
  3. Requests for alternative distributions of surplus may be submitted and may be considered by the ISH Board during the bid process. The Board of ISH must approve the budget and formula for sharing any surplus.
  4. A hosting society must show proof of insurance for the congress to protect its own financial integrity as well as monies expended by the ISH for congress expenses, if any.
  5. University sponsorship obtained by the Constituent society is recommended and preferred. Obtaining continuing education credits for participants is recommended.
  6. The host Constituent Society will name three congress organizers: Chair, Workshop Chair and Scientific Program Chair.
  7. The host Constituent Society will prepare a post conference report with recommendations for future ISH International congresses.
  8. Deadline for proposals for hosting is June 30, 2014.
  9. A contract is then signed between the Constituent Society and the ISH Board which stipulates that the ISH Board is the final arbitrator of any disputes. ISH BOD members whose institutions are among the candidates will not vote on the decision.

Considerations to be Included in the Proposal 

  • Location: A conference that is accessible to a major international airport and easy to reach is important to the success of attracting registrations. A suitable venue is needed to accommodate at least 500 participants for a meeting of 3 to 5 days. Meeting rooms should include a large auditorium for plenary sessions as well as smaller meeting rooms for parallel sessions, workshops, and panels. In addition, the convenience of the congress site to the participant’s hotels is important. Transportation must be adequate.
  • Date: The timing of a congress is important and has generally been held in late summer or early autumn in the northern hemisphere. It is important that it does not conflict with other important hypnosis meetings and enables clinicians to come.
  • Registration cost: Comparable to that of previous ISH conferences, with an early registration fee, intermediate, student and on site fee.
  • Hotel costs: A range of hotels is preferable, so that participants may chose a hotel within their price range.
  • Providing resources for students is important.
  • Consideration of publishing and distributing the proceedings.
  • Describe resources (funds, people, infrastructure, links to industry, special fund possibilities, etc.)
  • List persons from the constituent society who attended previous ISH conferences. Continuity is important; an institution that had no one at a previous conference is at a major disadvantage.
  • Include events like a welcome reception, a banquet, and appropriate social activities.
  • Waive the registration fee for BOD members.
  • Invitational policy: give some proposals of how to invite faculty, which keynote speakers you may contact, possible policies of waving registration fees for inviting faculty and other pertinent information regarding presenters.
  • Promotional strategies: proposals to attract participation, on timing and means of promotion that have proven to be effective in previous congresses.


Section I. An International Congress of Hypnosis shall be held every three years, with the place of the next Congress announced, if possible, at the time of the prior Congress. A Congress Committee shall be established which shall include the President of the International Society, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society (not a member of the Host Society), as well as one of the members of the Council of Representatives of the Hosting Constituent Society.

Section 2. The Congress shall provide opportunities for invited addresses and volunteered papers on issues of mutual interest, covering research on hypnosis and closely related phenomena, and clinical and other applications of hypnotic procedures and knowledge.

Section 3. The Congress shall provide opportunities to deal with the affairs of the International Society.

(a) A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall take place, with an agenda prepared by the President and the Secretary-Treasurer of the International Society.

(b) A regular meeting of the Council of Representatives shall take place with an agenda prepared by its Chairman and Secretary. The President of the International Society and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be present ex officio to report on the affairs of the International Society and to reply to inquiries.

(c) A plenary session of all members in attendance at the Congress shall be called to hear reports and to discuss such matters as may be pertinent.

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